Safe Zone: New Summer Trainings!

Talk about long-time no blog!  Sorry for the tardiness but better late than never right?

We are excited about new training opportunities for the faculty and staff of our campus.  This new training looks to make SEMO more inclusive for our students!  The leader of this program is Megan Murray, Coordinator for Leadership Development.

Check out what Megan has to say about Safe Zone LGBT Ally Training:

“I am so excited to be starting Safe Zone Training for the summer! During these sessions, you will learn some basic information regarding terms, definitions, myths, etc. but most importantly, you will learn how to be an ally and more inclusive for all students regardless of sexual orientation or identity. These trainings are also a great time to meet and network with other allies and like-minded individuals.

If you aren’t able to make any of the currently scheduled sessions, check back later in the summer (as well as in the fall) for more open session dates. You can also contact me directly if you would like to schedule a personal session for your office or department ( Please feel free to pass this information along and encourage your colleagues to sign up too!”

Here’s to expanding our horizons and offering new and different opportunities for the Southeast community! Now go out and enjoy the weather before the blistering heat sets in!





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