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Summer Camp Fun

Every year, it seems like our summer camps are so far away, and then the last few weeks fly by in no time. Can you smell it? They’re almost here! Here are a few things I’m super excited about…

  • The entire Horizons camp line-up.  We have so many great ideas.  Robots that RockChemistry you can Eat and so much more! I am beyond excited to see campers begin arriving. If you want to check out the complete listing of camps go
    Robots Rock Wilderness Survival Jr Zoo Keeper
  • The Missouri Foundation for Health has once again partnered with Southeast to offer two, week-long learning opportunities for kids called C.A.R.E. Camp. These camps provide area children with a FREE chance to learn about careers in health care, live on campus for a week and have FUN! For pictures of last year’s camp visit our Facebook albums.CARE Camp
  • Wrapping up our spring 2012 programming and beginning to schedule for the fall. Do you have ideas for classes that you would like to attend or teach? I would love to hear them.Contact me with your ideas.

If you are thinking about sending your child to a summer camp for the first time here are some questions you should ask yourself to help you select the right camp experience:

  • What do you and your child want to gain from the camp experience? Learn new skills, develop more self-confidence, improve proficiency in certain areas, become more independent?
  • What are other expectations of the camp experience?
  • What are the special interests that your child wants to explore?
  • Are there any physical, intellectual, or social limitations that should be considered?
  • What kind of emphasis will your child profit from the most? For example: Is a lot of structure desirable, is social interaction with members of the opposite sex important, or does your child need a place where he/she is encouraged to develop at their own pace?
  • Are you most comfortable with day camp or away camp options?
  • Ask friends and neighbors – They often have lots of experience and this is a great way for you to get word-of-mouth recommendations.

Each summer over 10 million kids attend a camp of some sort. There are camps for every child. To narrow the search, we suggest considering these factors:

  • Consider your child – Involve your child in the process, look online, visit camps together, if a child feels a part of the process they’re more likely to have a more positive experience.
  • What type of camp would work best for your child? – Maybe a 7-year-old might not be ready for sleep away, while a 12-year-old will help you find the furthest camp they can get away to.
  • Be sure to ask questions – Talk to the camp director, be open and honest, make sure you address the camp’s philosophies and see if they match your families values. Ask about staff training and experience.

That’s all!  So start packing and get pumped, because I have a feeling this might be the most epic summer yet…



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