Extended and Continuing Education

Formal education gives us a basis for learning throughout our lives. But lifelong learning is what continues to make our professional and personal lives relevant. Southeast is committed to both. On our web site, you’ll find varied and numerous ways to continue your learning for your profession, for your children, for your personal interests and growth. Enjoy your continuing journey to learning!
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Safe Zone: New Summer Trainings!

Talk about long-time no blog!  Sorry for the tardiness but better late than never right? We are excited about new training opportunities for the faculty and staff of our campus.  This new training looks to make SEMO more inclusive for our students!  The leader of this program is Megan Murray, Coordinator for Leadership Development. Check … Continue reading

Ghosts Among Us

By Tina Eaton, Managing Editor Fried chicken. Fried chicken. Normally these words would not provoke fear, but in the case of Christy Mershon, they did just that. Mershon is the assistant director of the Extended and Continuing Education Department at Southeast Missouri State University and the organizer of the department’s Ghost Hunting 101 and Haunted … Continue reading

Cape’s Impish and Mischievous Ghosts expected at upcoming Haunted Walking Tour

That light you knew you shut off is on…a door slams in the basement when no one else is home and the night is still, without the slightest hint of a draft…maybe you notice that the stairs you’re walking up suddenly have developed a cold spot that’s undeniable…or maybe the key you lost suddenly shows … Continue reading